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Yes'm, I know it's been many months since I checked in. Long enough to do many things. Moved into wonderful new apartment with the Robot and started a truly wonderful new job (working for the best boss ever)! I would love to tell you more about this prime job posting, but I can't. I've been sworn to secrecy. And no, I'm not working for CSIS.

Or am I?

Also, in my spare time I have been working on the script for my second comedic one-woman show, entitled Letters to Liam. I have been workshopping material for the show (slowly) over the past several months at The Gladstone Hotel, The Rivoli and the now defunct Tim Sims Playhouse at The Second City. Not sure yet when the piece will make it's debut, but there is no rush. The market for "sweetly subversive" one-woman shows ain't what it used to be.

Or is it?

The main thing that has motivated me to check in on old Bloggy McBloggerson is the fact that I talked a gal pal (yes, I said "gal pal", get over it!) into starting her own blog and it made me miss mine. So, enjoy my snazzy new template and please check in on Zee Noixy! She is tres magnifique!


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