Today is a good day.


It is one of those beautiful late summer/early September days where the sky is as blue as you've ever seen it and the sun is warm, but not hot. It also happens to be my day off. I haven't had one of those in quite a while, so I'm really, truly appreciating it. Here's my unsolicited advice for the day. If you really want to learn how to appreciate time off, start working 7 days a week. You will learn the value of R&R very quickly. I got up early this morning (also a rare thing) to drop off my Film Festival picks (and my sister's) at College Park and subsequently spent two hours in my new favourite spot in the city. The fountain that is recessed down on the Southwest side of the College Park complex. It was quiet, like things tend to be in the early morning (note: 8am IS early for some people). The people that were out were walking their dogs or enjoying their fist cup of coffee. There was an adorable group of six elderly Asian women who get their exercise by doing laps around the beautiful spouting fountain. I spent my two hours there on a comfortable public bench (imagine!) reading Richard Clarke's "Against All Enemies" (it doesn't seem relaxing, I know, but work with me) and listening alternately to the babbling of the the fountain and the sound of Blossom Dearie on my discman. Bliss.

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