It's almost that time of year again...


You know it's mid-August in Toronto when news of what big celebs will be in town during next month's Film Fest hits the front page. I love the anticipation. It's like how American Thanksgiving serves as a "it's ok to start getting excited about Christmas now" marker on the calendar.

Last week I was lucky enough to see a preview screening of "Garden State" the film Written, Directed by and Starring Zach Braff (of the NBC sitcom "Scrubs"). What a lovely little film. Braff has got a nice, soft touch and knows how to best utilize his strengths - the man does "alienated" better than just about anybody. The film has a wonderful supporting cast (yes, that is Jeanne Smart!) and that Natalie Portman is just delightful. Particularly striking was the use of music. The songs were as important to the mood and the action as they are in any Tarantino or Spike Lee film.

Speaking of which, when is "She Hate Me" coming to a screen in Toronto? Am I going to have to travel to New York just to see this film?

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