The Maid of Honour Diaries


Dear Diary,

My oldest and dearest friend is getting married! And I am going to be her Maid of Honour!

Despite my usual distain for matrimony I am thrilled. I love her to death and this wedding is going to be a gas! Mark this date on your calendar…July 24, 2004.

Yes, it seems like a long engagement. But these things take time. Does our Primeminister really need to prepare to leave office for over a year? No. But he wants to do it right (way to make an exit, Jean! That’s what I say).

It’s the same idea with this wedding. They want to do it right and I want to help.

I am worried though, yesterday while in the Vera Wang boutique in Yorkville I tried to convince my best friend to buy shoes that cost more than $400.00. My advice to help justify this purchase? “But they’re so cute…and besides, they cost less than my rent!”

Was I smoking crack? Was I?!?!?!

Must come up with some sort of a foolproof technique to keep this kind of behaviour from reappearing. Daily trips to Honest Ed’s. Use of “In Style” magazine for fire kindling. Procure a fireplace so I can use “In Style” magazine for kindling without causing damage to my apartment or myself.

The wedding is just under a year away. What’s next?


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