For those of you about to ROCK!


Well, here’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Actually, I’ll be honest; I forgot today was the SARS concert until I saw it on the news this morning. And I guess I shouldn’t call it the SARS concert either, because that might give the wrong impression. It’s the concert to make us forget about SARS and remember that Mick Jagger is a BIG, BIG star. Seriously. He’s a BIG star. How do I know this? Our city is banking its entire recovery on him. The weird part? I think it has a very good shot at working.

Call me crazy, but when I think of Mick Jagger I immediately think of two things. Richard Belzer’s impression of him and the fact that he just turned sixty. Neither of those things makes me think “tourism dollars” and “economic recovery”. Then again, I can’t budget for a metropass and Mick has a degree from London University in economics, so I should probably just shut up. Shut up and be glad that I’ll be able to catch The Guess Who’s portion of the “concert to support Toronto’s economic recovery from the disease whose name we shall not utter and the fact that Mick Jagger is BIG star” on TV.

I love The Guess Who. I actually went to an Argos game last year to see them perform at half time. That’s right, I went to an Argos game by choice. My observations? Burton was a little bloated and his keyboard was unusually tiny (what does the man play, a Casio?) but he sounded amazing. He could have been a Broadway star. Great pipes. Randy Bachman who was all decked out in denim and his obligatory leather vest seems to be the man that time forgot. He’s lost a bunch of weight. He’s a freakin’ super model. But can he play the flute? Our Burton may be a tad bloated, but he’s still got a way with the woodwinds.

That’s right, I’d take Burton over Mick any day. And that, my friends, is why I have to walk to work.

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