Talking Shop: Blissdom Canada, Blogging and Lessons Learned


Sometimes, a self imposed blogging hiatus can be good for the soul. I think this one was for me. When you've been at this for so long that your blog could be in middle school, sometimes it pays to take a wee break. My hiatus was a direct result of just being super busy this Fall. I'm not complaining, y'all. I love busy. Busy is my favourite. This flurry of activity culminated with the 6th annual Blissdom Canada conference at Blue Mountain Resort.

I'd been contracted this Spring to work as Blissdom Canada's Communications Director and was all manner of thrilled. I've attended the conference in the past and know how important it is to the blogging community as a hub for learning, networking and (let's be honest) partying. Twitter Parties are not real parties. The social influencers out there need to blow off steam in real life once in a while, you guys.

I learned a lot through the process, not the least of which is that planning a conference like this leaves you with some experiences and lessons very similar to those you can gain attending a conference like this.

I learned about being adaptable, about leadership and collaboration. I met some incredible women whose strength, joie de vivre and drive to innovate inspire me endlessly.

Over the past several months I had an opportunity to write for a blog that was not my own, and relished in it. These are a few posts that I was pleased with, and which might be of interest to you if you're a blogger or work in the social media marketing sphere: 

The best post that I wrote though, in my option, was On Product, Your Territory and Phoning It In

I felt that this post was blunt and truthful and let's face it, I'm never happier than when I'm referencing David Simon. So, you know, a win for me! What I discovered was that not everyone in the blogging community is interested in tough love. Like a lot of industries, people get their back up when they don't hear what they want to hear. I still don't think this post was overly aggressive and I stand by the message. I don't say these things because I think I'm superior, it's my own failures and my experience on the agency-side that leads to these conclusions. So there's another lesson, I guess. Speak your truth and not everyone is going to like it. 

I've learned that one a lot over the years.  Remind me to tell you about the time Mark Breslin banned me from performing at Yuk Yuks. 

Another lesson (or reminder?) for me is that I enjoy teaching. I was able to run a workshop on Photography for Bloggers and felt totally energized by the experience. More of this please, Universe!

At the end of the day, I walked away from my Blissdom Canada experience completely exhausted and exhilarated.  There are lessons I'm sure I haven't unearthed yet, and questions this experience has forced me to ask which I haven't answered yet. 

I do know that I am grateful for every second of it and for the glorious friendships I forged over the last few months.

A special shout out and thank you to Jennifer Powell for being the driving force behind this event and for the opportunity.  You, lady, are a true powerhouse.

Long live Blissdom Canada!

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