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I get approached every week by various websites and businesses looking for me to do reviews or help them bring attention to their brands.  If I'm being honest, 9 times out of 10 I decline because, well, who has the time? Also, there are few things I like less than saying something phoney on this website in an attempt to help someone I don't know create buzz for a business I don't care about. I tried it a couple of times and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

But, oh, you guys. This week, I got an email from Minted. Once in a while a brand comes along that makes you stop what you were doing for half an hour while you pore over every inch of their website. Stop the digital presses, you yell to yourself, I have got to tell everyone about this place!

First and foremost, Minted is purveyor of fine stationary, invitations and the like. There are beautiful selections on the front page that would make any event planner or bride giddy.  But, you know, I ain't no event planner and nobody was invited to our wedding so I wasn't sure there was anything there for me.

Until I stumbled on their home decor and art.

Stop. The. Presses.

Minted brings you the best in indie design from a global community of artists and designers.   Yes, there are other ways to connect with artists in online marketplaces (I have lots of original art from Etsy on my walls) but from where I sit, nobody makes it easier than Minted. You like that piece? You can buy it! You want it framed? They'll do that! And then, they send it to your house! I know, I know, but I'm old enough to remember a time before online shopping and frankly, the miracle of it still surprises me sometimes.

Passive, a limited edition print by artist Kelly Ventura was the first piece to catch my eye.  It's available in a variety of sizes and price points with different options for frames, should you choose to have it framed.

I think we all know that this Foil Map of Louisiana by GeekInkDesign belongs in my house.

This photograph, Pining for Pineapples by Joni Tyrrell is so whimsical and fun. Besides, pineapples are so hot right now. (Related: check out my Pinterest board on Pineapples)

Minted boasts a fantastic selection of Typographic Art, pieces for nurseries (can you say shower gift?), custom art including these fabulous family trees and, perhaps my favourite, all these lovely mixed media works.

If you're looking for design inspiration, tips and even some free printables be sure to check out the Minted blog, julep.

Happy Shopping!

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