This one time in Buffalo


One of my favourite things about being a parent is surprising Lenny with EPIC STUFF. Last March we took her to see a production of Dinosaur Train Live without telling her first and it was an amazing experience for all of us. So when the opportunity came to take a family road trip to see the Kratt Brothers in person we jumped at the chance. She had no idea what we were doing until we were in the theatre. I feel like we unlocked some kind of parenting badge for pulling this one over on her. It was so much fun.

Chris and Martin put on a heck of a show. And Lenny walked away with her very own creature power suit. Like I said, EPIC.

Buffalo is one of my favourite cities to visit. It is so underrated. Great art, great food, great architecture. It's great. I'd love it for the Mighty Taco and the Albright Knox alone!

We even got to have Buffalo Wings at the Anchor Bar...the place that INVENTED Buffalo Wings. They were damn good too.

The morning after Operation Kratt Brothers Surprise we pulled another one on her. An interactive Curious George exhibit at the Science Museum. WHAT? So cool. She tended to Bill's bunnies, tried on the Doorman's outfit and performed all kinds of cool experiments. I can't lie, I loved it too. George is one of my favourite shows and it really did feel like we stepped in to their world.

Look at that face. This is definitely what I thought being a mom would be like. Such fun times. Thanks, Buffalo. See you soon!

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