Fashion Friday: Louisa LaBarbera Custom Jewellery for Mother's Day


I just had to let you guys know about my favourite jewellery designer, Louisa LaBarbera's latest genius concept.  I've been wearing Louisa's "whimsical frivolity and functional art" for almost eight years now, and with each passing season her collections just get better and better.

This past Christmas I bought several of her Frozen themed necklaces (featuring delicate snowflake charms and beautiful blue Swarovski crystals) for the young ladies in my life.  Lenny treasures hers.  The next holiday Louisa has set her sights on is Mother's Day.  

Oh, hi there, perfect excuse to spoil myself.

Louisa spent a lot of time with me choosing the perfect stones and charms to not just represent my little family but to also suit my personal style, and then expertly arranged them on her signature hammered hoop.  It's so pretty I can hardly stand it. The Rose Quartz just makes my socks roll up and down.

My favourite thing about this custom piece is the disks that are engraved with T + J and LIA.  Why LIA, you ask?  To represent #LennyIsAwesome, my kid's hashtag.  The best thing about this, other than how very unique and personal it is, is that this was Louisa's idea.  She gives you a lot of creative control over the custom piece but her expertise and creativity steps in when you're stumped.
A few more of the custom Mother's Day necklaces.  How cool is it that each one is different from the next?  I feel like they have as much individuality and personality as the lucky ladies that are going to be wearing them.  And likely, wearing them every day.

Want your own custom Louisa LaBarbera Mother's Day necklace for yourself or a mom in your life?  Visit her website here or BETTER YET, see her in person at the Beach Studio Tour this weekend! She can make your necklace there on the spot, even engraving it while you wait!

(Disclaimer: This might read like a sponsored post because I'm so damn excited about these necklaces, but it's not. Louisa's just a friend and artist I'm thrilled to support!)

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