Latest Obsession: Dusting off the Vinyl


I'm not proud of myself when I stream music.  Being married to a musician I understand the financial downside the artists face all too well.  That said, it doesn't stop me.  The convenience and the selection are too good to just say no.  Especially when I'm working on my laptop.  I've been really busy these days and Rdio and Songza have been my constant companions.

Can I just take a moment and acknowledge how clever the curators at Songza are?  I'd like to high five whoever came up with the "Tea and Drake" playlist.

Anyway, I'm not fighting the tide on streaming, is what I'm trying to say.  But I'm also trying to bring a little balance to my listening universe by dusting off our vinyl and bringing it into the dining room.  Jim's had a turntable in his studio for years and we've listened on that sound system on occasion over the years, but it just wasn't the same as having your records out in the open, a part of the culture of your home.  I really want Lenny to understand and appreciate the act of picking out a record, putting it on and listening to it.  I want to have dinner parties where we listen to records.  I want to see them to remind myself that they exist and that it's important to take the time to sit and really listen to music.  I want to restore a little of my karma from all of this streaming I've been doing.

I'm really happy with the way this little corner in our dining room has turned out.  It feels right.

And yeah, I know it's just a portable little Crosley so all y'all gear heads can go ahead and calm down now.  It sounds just grand.

I've picked up one of these cute storage crates from Urban Outfitters to avoid the temptation to grab some milk crates at the grocery store and call it a day.  Although it may come to that some day.  I think they'd look pretty sweet spray painted gold.

You can check out my vinyl board on Pinterest for more inspiration!


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    1. You're a good role model in the vinyl department, Caftan Woman!


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