Halloween 2014


Halloween has taken on a whole new meaning now that Lenny is in school.  On our way to school Friday morning, she kept pointing at all the kids walking down the street in their costumes.  "Mom! A Witch!!! A Ninja! Mom!!!" and then, simply, "This is the BEST."

I let her take the lead this year and decide on her own costumes, except the first one, which was a surprise from our friend Emily who found it online.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Buddy the T Rex from the ever popular Dinosaur Train.  We have spent countless hours watching the show and even more playing make believe with the characters.  She was beyond thrilled to be her favourite dinosaur first thing on Halloween morning.  She tells me she stomped her way through the costume parade at school, just a like a real T Rex would.

When she got home from lunch she was ready for a change (Buddy's head was starting to get itchy and hot) so we improvised this beauty.  Meet the "Lady Bug Pirate".  I wish you could hear her squeak "aaaarrrrr matey" in her little Lady Bug voice.  Sweeter than all the fun-sized chocolate bars in all the land.

After school it was time to do some pumpkin carving.

Hey! Look! It's the World's Ugliest Pumpkin!

Happily, even ugly pumpkins produce beautifully delicious seeds to roast with olive oil and sea salt.

After a quick dinner it was time for the main event.  Trick or Treating.  For the past year Lenny has been planning her costume.  And while it may look thrown together in these pictures we spent lots of time planning it out and it is exactly what she wanted.

Hang on to your hats!
It's...NO NOGGIN!!!

She was so happy, you guys.  I think her favourite part of the day was handing out treats, which is, again, adorable.  The best thing was when a couple of her classmates came to our door.  The best.  They're all so cute I can hardly stand it.

The next morning, still buzzed from a great Halloween she asked us "when's Christmas?" Yeah, she's ready.

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  1. You SOOOOO should have carved the ugly side...


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