Fashion Friday: Flowers! Edition


I am in love with skirt.  I bought it years and years ago at the Bay.  It was on sale because I think everyone else thought it was gawdy.  Mwahahaha! More for me!

Can you have too many flowers in July? Short answer: no.  Dig these awesome sunnies from H&M.  Another crazy sale item that I got my paws on for $2.  Come on now.  Just...come on.

I realize I look insane in that photo.  But, you know, we're all just going to have to deal with it.  Lenny's agreed to help me work on my posing.  So, who knows, maybe things will improve.

If you're looking for something floral and awesome that's in stores now, I've been digging on this Floral Crinoline Dress from Addition Elle.  Or, if you're feeling more cheeky, show that world that you are a Perfect 10.

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