Monday Motivation


This Thursday morning I'll be waking up and having coffee in New Orleans.  And I get to stay there for a month. Sometimes, my good fortune astounds me.  This quote from John Goodman resonates (the photo is from a 2009 trip to Nola).

We get to do this because we work within a budget and still work while we're down there.  Again, how fortunate.  I've been freelancing since October 2012 and have been fully self employed for a year now. Being completely responsible for your own success or lack of success can be harsh.  Waiting for certain clients to pay their bills can be excruciating.  Realizing you're not cut out for a particular gig is a hard pill to swallow.  But the freedom and the sense of accomplishment are second to none.  That said, it's the sense of possibility that really keeps me going.  That's what really motivates me, Monday and every day.

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