Fashion Friday: Spring Wish List


It's the first full day of Spring! Hooray!  So, of course, my thoughts are turning to my Spring fashion wish list.  It's still pretty cold and the forecast tomorrow is calling for freezing rain here in Toronto, but at least I can daydream via Pinterest.  Here are a few things I wish I was wearing instead of my down filled winter coat.

Top of my list: Pale Pink Nails!

I kind of think everyone should have a Tory Burch style tunic, don't you?


I need a PBS T-shirt.  There is no disputing this.

Anthropologie has some very cool vintage shades this year.

Grey hight top Converse.  Yes, please.

A big orange tote made for shopping (from Indigo), used as a purse, because, let's be real.


  1. Those shades are amazing!

    I have three t-shirts adorned with the various faces of Boris Karloff. Do you think that's enough?


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