Fashion Friday: Unlikely Inspiration Edition


Who inspires your sartorial choices?  Who are your fashion touchstones?  We can't all say Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, now can we?  Well, I guess we could, but this week I'm feeling like acknowledging a fashion icon for me, who I'm guessing isn't a fashion icon for many.  An icon in the kitchen, for sure, but probably not the runway.

(Rich) Ladies and (Gay) Gentlemen, I give you Ina Garten.


Sometimes I want an outfit that says "I'm too busy planning a dinner party / running a multinational corporation to be too bothered with what I'm wearing".  And I'll admit it, I love the comfort of a large mens wear style shirt.  It's utilitarian, easy to wear and I think,with a nice pair of black pants, a sensible flat and some statement jewellery incredibly chic.

Nobody rocks that look better than Ina.

My ode to Ina is centred around this navy and white polka dot shirt by Ralph Lauren Woman.  This was a god send when I was cooking lots of big dinners over the holidays.

I'm loving the fresh and fun vibe offered by polka dots these days.  They add just the kind of whimsy a shirt like this demands to keep it from looking too boring.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ina.  Maybe I'll roast a chicken this weekend, too.  You know how the saying goes, if it's good enough for Jeffery...

Yeah, no, that's not a saying.


Some fashion related eye-candy from around the web:

Speaking of sensible yet chic, here's the Eileen Fisher skirt I'm currently coveting.

This felt shoulder bag is divine!

Love the rich and bold pattern mixing that was shown by Valentino for Spring / Summer 2014.  I'm trying to decide if I'm bold enough to "go there".  Would you mix bold prints and patterns?

If there's anything that you'd like to see in this space on a Friday, let me know!

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  1. The "rich and bold pattern mixing" does nothing for me, but that bag is Heaven.

    Polka dots rule!


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