Fashion Friday: Faux Fur Edition


Remember when George Costanza said he would drape himself in velvet if it were socially acceptable? That's how I feel about faux fur.  Texture! Colour! Warmth!  A faux fur accent can give me the illusion that I'm glamorous, even if I'm sporting those infamous yoga pants under my coat.

A celebration of all things faux fur...

Oh, if I could sew! Fun would be had!

Damselle Stand Faux Fur Vest via Nordstom

I think I'd feel like I was carrying a muppet around all day.  I think I'd LOVE that. (source)

Rachel Zoe is sort of all about the faux fur, huh?
My current obsession, this lovely faux fur snood in taupe, from Indigo.  This baby has made -40c weather a snap.

See you next week, lovelies!  Stay warm!

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