Fashion Friday Holiday Lookbook: Plus Size Peplum Edition


Happy Friday, you guys! We're less than a week away from Christmas!  It's funny, but after all the holiday party dressing up, I always look forward to dressing down on Christmas Day itself.  Not "track pants and no make up" dressing down (that's for boxing day), but "cosy, wear something you don't mind getting gravy on" dressing down.  You can only be so fancy when you're cooking a turkey dinner.

Anyway, we're not there yet, so I want to talk about one trend that's been big in plus size fashion this holiday season - the peplum.  I always felt like peplums were for petite ladies, but this modern take on the peplum is easy to wear and accentuates my curves in a way I really like.

We're seeing it mostly styled in a glam way, with sleeveless dresses and pencil skirts and sky high heels.  It's sexy as all get out and I love, love, love it!  

My approach, however, is more dressed down.  Imagine you're getting dressed for holiday drinks with girlfriends and you want nothing more than to wear you comfy black skinny jeans and your trusty cardigan.  But you know that pairing it with your vintage t shirt is just too sloppy.  What to do?  I swap my tee out for this great black pleather peplum top from Addition Elle.  The cut outs add interest and the sheen of the pleather is unmistakably festive...if a little naughty.  

In the new year I'll dress this top up with a pencil skirt and some fab accessories.  For now I'm grateful to have this wonderful little piece to get me through the last of the holiday parties.  I might run out of steam, but this peplum is the gift that keeps on giving!


Some fashion related eye-candy online:

Oh maaaa gaaaaa.  This plus size sequin peplum jumpsuit from Monif C. is to die for.  Can you say fierce?

This lace peplum top from MXM at Addition Elle would be perfect for New Years Eve!

And finally, after all of this basic black, a great reminder that colour is not to be feared!

If there's anything that you'd like to see in this space on a Friday, let me know!


  1. "cosy, wear something you don't mind getting gravy on" is so much my standard dressing style that stepping things up even a little hurts a bit. Especially when it's cold; I just wanna bundle up!


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