Fashion Friday Holiday Lookbook: (not so) Little Black Dress Edition


We all pull out our little black dresses for holiday parties.  This is one of my favourite looks, a dress with a fitted top and sleeves (love a dress with sleeves!) and a fun pick up skirt.  Pick up skirts run the risk of being too costumey, but this one is made of a nice crisp cotton which keeps it feeling modern.

Even though it feels modern, the volume of the skirt on this dress makes me feel all flouncy - almost with a slight Victorian edge - which is a fun for Christmas.  This dress is Peter Nygard (available at The Bay).

I've accessorized this look with a great big, over the top, glitzy statement necklace (available for purchase right now at Addition Elle).  I think it works because it also feels like a modern take on a classic look.  I also love the sapphire blue.  


Some fashion related eye-candy online:

Speaking of amazing statement necklaces, check out Elizabeth Taylor.  A little crazy, a lot fabulous.

Love this for a holiday look.  It's daring, but I think the payoff is big.  Shiny pants / Vintage T.

Green sequin skirt.  Yes, please.

If there's anything that you'd like to see in the space on a Friday, let me know!

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