Fashion Friday: Fresh Collective Giveaway Edition


Last Friday night Jen, Daphne and I headed down to the Fresh Collective boutique on Queen Street West for a Wardrobe Makeover.  I was excited for some quality girl time and to check out Fresh Collective since I know many of my straight-sized fashion enthusiast friends are fans of the Toronto-based boutique.  They sell designs made by mostly local indie designers and have a hip, modern sensibility.  As a plus-sized consumer, I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to have much to try on or purchase.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  The selection of plus sized clothing at Fresh Collective might just be one of the best kept shopping secrets in Toronto!

The Wardrobe Makeover package includes:
• pre-interview by phone and email to get to know you, your shape and your needs
• prep time to come ready with ideas and suggestions
• 2 hour in-store one-on-one consultation at your convenience (in or out of business hours)
The goal is to help teach you the styles that best flatter your figure, how to mix and match with confidence and how to buy things you’ll love and wear often.

We had a great time, not just trying on items in the store, but tinkering with pieces from our own wardrobes.  The staff was insightful, fun and kept the wine and cheese coming.  What's not to like?

Here are Jane and Christine, the two consultants that we worked with that night.  They had such an ease about the way they treated us that by the time the evening was done, I felt like I'd had a girl's night with four girlfriends instead of just the two I came with.  Hey, Jane and Christine!

Here we are with our purchases!  I have to point out, there was zero pressure to buy from Jane and Christine, but if you want to leave with at least one or two pieces, check your pulse.  Seriously.  There's something wrong with you.

I left with two great and versatile items from Studio Fresh, designed by Connie Meyer who trained as an architect and not a fashion designer.  Her pieces are structured yet flowing, simple yet complex and so, so comfortable.  I can't wait to add some more of her designs to my wardrobe!

The exciting news is that the fine folks at Fresh Collective has offered to give one of my lucky (Toronto based) readers a complimentary Wardrobe Makeover (valued at $200)! Click here for more info on Fresh Collective's Wardrobe Makeover service.

For your chance to win, just leave a comment on this post telling me why you'd like to try Fresh Collective's Wardrobe Makeover service.  A winner will be picked at random and announced next week on Fashion Friday!  Good luck!

Some fashion related eye-candy online:

Fresh Collective has a totally addictive Pinterest page. Check it out here.

The Fall 2013 line from Studio Fresh is stunning.

Some tips on dressing for Fall from the Fresh Collective blog.

If there's anything that you'd like to see in this space on a Friday, let me know!


  1. Sadly since the kids arrived my appearance has fallen by the wayside.. it's all roll over and into something (hopefully clean) without much thought to it. My wardrobe is all over the place and in desperate need of "freshening" up. Did I say desperate??!

  2. I'm in beige and black 40 hours a week as thats my work uniform and when not in that I'm in pj's because there is no time for anything else. When there is I panic as I am pretty sure I've forgotton how to "dress up"......:) p.s You're photos look great. The boutique looks amazing.

  3. Ramona G-D12:31 AM

    Yup, I'm with Kimberley. Too often grabbing the stretch pants and a shirt. Not inspired enough daily. Plus, Fresh Collective rocks! xo

  4. Julia Gray8:47 PM

    I am also in need of some post-baby counselling. I'm sure I probably look perfectly fine, but my body has changed having pushed two little people into the world (of course), and I really have no idea what flatters me. Not only do I feel like I can't shop with confidence, but I can barely dress myself with confidence. And I mean that in the most wide-eyed and practical kind of way, not a sniveling, mopey-way - of course my body has changed! The change in my body is not a problem (it is what it is) - the problem lies in the fact that I am newly and completely clueless.

  5. I have never had a wardrobe .... just a 'bunch' of clothes. I do love Fresh Collective and never thought they carried anything for the bigger woman. I am wrong. I would love wardrobe help!

  6. Julia Gray, I have the same issue. Since giving birth to twins two months ago, my body has been a challenge. I know I'll get back to pre-babies weight (I did the last time), but I want to feel good about myself/my clothing until I do.

  7. Julia Lee6:59 PM

    Because, Tracey, as you know, I have never had pretty much any fashion sense whatsoever. My mother still jokes that I could've been a contender on What Not to Wear....

  8. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Sounds like a post-baby wardrobe workshop might be useful and fun on a number of fronts -- new body, new state-of-mind, new shopping strategies.

  9. Hi! I'm in the same boat as many here-SAHM of 3 wonderful creatures. I'm lucky if I buy new clothes once a year and mostly everything I own is worn out or has stains : ). I've also struggled with weight and self esteem issues for years and am always open to tips on how to feel more comfortable. I'd love to have a similar experience as you and your friends did Tracey! The shop looks lovely. I've read all the comments and would be equally happy for everyone here! Jessica

  10. Never been known for my fashion sense (ask my sister), so a consultation with pros would be AMAZING! Could really use the help with my work wardrobe, especially since my current position may be expanded in the next little while and I'll be taking more meetings. :-) Yay for a store with cool options for us plus-sized gals!

  11. Miss Tracey, as a full figured gal myself I'm always on the look out for clothes that will fit the fuller figured me. I try to look for fun, funky and functional without spending too much money, but not adverse to spending on something unique and flattering. And with The Fresh Collective I think I can get that if I get the chance to win a makeover.

  12. Oh man, where do I begin. Kinda had a crappy 2013 health wise (myself and FAM). Both physically and mentally. Recently diagnosed with depression...which still has a huge stigma attached to it so I haven't been out in the open about.

    Its definitely effected my personal style...something that I've always had fun with but its hard when you have to keep yourself healthy and also keep your kids and FAM happy and healthy. Usually I'm at the bottom of that list. And new wardrobes aren't feasible right now. But I think I'll treat myself to a fun hairdo soon.

    I wanna get my groove back so trying to keep positive and look on the bright year all our troubles will be miles away?


    This is Cheryl (Gingras) FifthFam mama BTW. ;)

  13. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Hey its ashleigh :) and I would love to not have a suitcase full of black when I travel for buissness. I need something fresh and updated and not so corprate and stuffy


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