Fashion Friday: Lifestyle Guru Edition


This morning, Jen and I headed down to the Better Living Centre at the CNE for the Delicious Food Show.  There were lots of free samples, lots of lovely little bits of deliciousness for sale and a cake baking demonstration from, wait for it, Martha Stewart.  Martha Stewart, people!  She was exactly everything you would want her to be.  Surrounded by an army of well-dressed gay men, carrying an Hermes purse and saying things like "I love spending time with my grandchildren...and I think they're going to be good for the business too."  She also seemed as though she had enjoyed a bottle of Chardonnay at lunch, which only made me love her more.

Today I wanted to wear something relaxed, but with a pop of colour and a little bling.

The pop of colour comes courtesy the fun modern printed pencil mini skirt from I.N.C. International Concepts.

I paired it with all black, including this jacket with faux leather detailing (seen here) from DKNY and black scarf and black cross body purse from H&M.  All the black doesn't really photograph well, but the mix of textures (wool scarf, faux leather jacket) really added to the overall outfit.

Also from H&M is the gold cuff and iPhone case which, I feel, added just the right amount of bling.

The boots are my trusty Timberlands which I love pairing with shorter skirts.


Some fashion related eye candy online:

While we're talking about Martha Stewart, check out her killer modelling photos from the 60s.

Martha rocking some killer beads, including a strand in her signature robin's egg blue, front and centre at the Ralph Rucci show at New York Fashion Week.

And in case you're crafty, here's the pattern for Martha's famous "Prison Poncho".

If there's anything that you'd like to see in this space on a Friday, let me know!

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