Introducing Fashion Friday


Why? Because after blogging for a decade, I want to try something new...and I like the alliteration.  Because fat women are still underrepresented in the fashion and beauty industry and one more plus sized woman deciding it's OK to show pictures of herself online isn't a bad thing.  Because I enjoy fashion and pulling an outfit together, and I bet you do too!

But mostly because I need an excuse to get out of the yoga pants and hoodie uniform I've been living in, at least once in a while.  Mom to a young kid + working from home = a total slob-fest.  Yoga pants, you're on notice.  At least on Fridays.

The outfit I'm featuring this week is the perfect thing to transfer into fall, especially for a meeting, conference or a dinner date with the girls.

Here I am, trying my very best to look nonchalant in my own backyard.

The pleather pencil skirt is from the new fall collection at Addition Elle and is very, very comfy.  It feels a little more dressy if you wear it with sheer tights instead of opaque ones (  This is going to be great in the winter too, with a pair of tall boots and a chunky sweater.  I love a piece like this that has so much versatility without being total basic and neutral.

The shoes, which are over-the-top badass, are also from Addition Elle.  The tank top and cardigan are both Old Navy.

The statement bangle is from Voluptuous Vixen in New Orleans, a fantastic boutique in the heart of the French Quarter.


While we're talking about all things fashiony, here's some great fashion related eye candy on line:

Pinterest is featuring all kinds of looks from Paris Fashion Week right now.  The street style stuff is especially great.

This lion mask photo shoot for Lee Jeans from 1971 is so on point.

I'm really feeling this matte navy nail polish.  Want to give it a try this fall.

If there's anything you'd like to see featured in this space on Fashion Friday, let me know.  I think this is going to be fun!


  1. I don't know much about fashion, but I know what I like. I like that outfit.

    "Statement bangle." H'm, sounds like "occasional table".

  2. That bracelet is big enough to be an occassional table ;)


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