Latest Obsession: All things Copper


Image via Handcrafted Virginia 
It starts simply enough.  You find yourself admiring the copper pots at Williams-Sonoma.  Then you're looking at pictures of Julia Child rocking her copper pots like a boss, then you're pinning images of copper pots on Pinterest at 3 AM.

Totally normal behaviour.

LOVE this! Image via Adriaan Louw Photography
What you realize quickly enough is that there are so many other inventive ways to use copper in your home.  Pots are just a gateway drug!

These amazing pendant lamps remind me of the 70's - in the best way possible.

via David Dersken Design
This copper farmhouse sink is folksy and warm.  Bonus? It probably still looks folksy and warm when it's not super-clean!

via Her Split Ends
I'm filled with a sudden urge to wrap presents and do mindless office work, while I gaze at this well appointed modernist tape dispenser.
Akita Tape Dispenser

If you'd like to follow along while I feed my latest obsession, check out my Pinterst Board, Bring me all the copper things!

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  1. I love that second photo. Between the way HUBS puts dishes away and the five rambunctious cats, I will never have open shelves in any kitchen EVER!


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