On Tuesday, The Robeau, Lenny and I got dressed up and went to the courthouse in New Orleans.  After almost 12 years together, a house and a baby we made it official.  I can't really say why we did it, I mean, it is a little...anticlimactic, right? I can say though, that it felt right. And that it really was a perfect day.

After the ceremony we took Lenny to Subway (she wanted a cookie!) and then we called our families to let them know the news.  We went back to the house, spilled the beans on Facebook and soaked up all the love and good humour from our friends back home while Lenny napped.

It felt nice to celebrate our little family this way.

That evening the three of us went on a carriage ride around the French Quarter and capped the night off with a trip to Cafe du Monde.  Like I said, perfect.

Ain't love grande?


  1. Garry and I opined that the your wedding day would not be complete without a visit to Cafe du Monde.

    Perhaps the New Orleans tourism board should touting itself as the city where people celebrate family,

  2. Awww, married YAY!

    Wait, will that be legal in Canada?

  3. We are also legal in Canada, fwiw ; )


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