Dispatch from Nola


There's only one week left in our four week adventure here in New Orleans and I'm starting to feel sentimental about leaving already.  I'm going to miss hearing the sound of the pick up brass band on the corner in our living room, Lenny asking to go dance in Jackson Square and most of all, the people.  It always takes me a few days to acclimatize when we come down here.  Not to the heat, but to the Southern Hospitality.  To people always saying hello to you when you walk down the street.

You have to understand.  I'm from Toronto.  This is not something that I'm used to.

Living here is not without challenges.  On the contrary.  But there's something that keeps people here.  What keeps me coming back, as much as love the surroundings, the history, the music and the food is the people.

They are what makes this place so special.


  1. They'll be waiting for your return.

  2. Your pictures are amazing, as always.

    Naaaawlins is absolutely on my list of places to see someday! (Have you bought a voodoo doll?)

  3. Thanks ladies! @Citygirl - I used to buy voodoo dolls for all my post vaca gifts but they freak Lenny out so I have to (sadly) keep them out of the house, lol.


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