With Linc at the Rex Hotel.  Photo by Don Vickery.

I remember Linc picking me up for lunch in his town car (with his driver) since, as we both often joked, neither of us could drive - but only one of us had a highway named in their honour. He talked with me about Duke Ellington, my photography and Toronto. I will always laugh about how when the waiter tried to tell him the "pasta specials" he shouted loud enough for the whole room to hear, with a
twinkle in his eye "Pasta? Do you mean spaghetti, young man? Fancy people eat pasta...I'm from HAMILTON I eat spaghetti!" I have such fond memories of this wonderful man who took it upon himself to treat me with such respect and warmth even though we only knew each other because I was his friend's assistant. I only knew him a very little bit but I'm really going to miss him. He was a groundbreaker, a hero and generous soul. Thanks for everything, Linc. We'll never forget you.

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