Women, laughing together, with Coffee.


This ad popped up on some website I was looking at this morning. I can't even remember what website  it was, because I was so captivated by this ad. I'm not even kidding. Target demographic, party of one!  These women look so happy, so well groomed, so...caffeinated. 

Am I ashamed that this actually worked on me? Yeah, a little. But what can I say? I love my lifestyle.

My affinity for this ad brought to mind this particular piece of internet memery from 2011, which while inspired, didn't hit me where I live.  I'm not who the women laughing alone with salad people want to target. I'm aaaaall about women laughing together, with coffee.

We are SO well lit! Hilarious!!!

They are having so much fun she had to just hop up on the counter and take seat!  What says fun more than sitting in inappropriate places?

Are these ladies Air Traffic Controllers or something?

She knows exactly what you mean.

She really loves her friends.

To further illustrate my point, this woman, alone, drinking coffee? She's not laughing. She's alone. Hell, I bet she's not even drinking coffee. I bet that's herbal tea. Nope. Do not want.

And this guy? Um, take your stupid "blue steel" and go drink that coffee at another table. And here, here's a breath mint.

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