The Ghost of Oscar Past


The thing to remember about the Oscars is that they are about the fashion and the jokes, not anything else. And it has always been that way.

So, before we jump into the frenzy, here are a few interesting photos from Oscar past, back in the day, when they still said "and the winner is"...

Dear Ms. Taylor, give me your champagne cocktail! Love, Tracey.

Oscar at the hat check.  My favourite.

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly wait to present.

Bogey, Bacall, Bling.

Kirk Douglas waves to the crowd. I assume that is his publicist trying to reign him in. Or Jon Cryer.

Natalie Wood gets her hair did while everyone in the vicinity smokes a cigarette. Can you imagine how that must have stunk? Just smoke and hairspray for daaaaays.  Oh, the glamour!

"TV actress" Sandra White arrives late for the 1953 awards.  Those TV actresses are such tardy whores.

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  1. No one would coat check an Oscar nowadays. That shit would get disappeared right quick!


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