Things I want to remember about December in New Orleans...


Everyone is just as friendly as ever.  Having Lenny around just emphasizes the natural warmth of those who call New Orleans home, those that were born there and those that chose it.  To choose New Orleans as your home requires a certain amount of insanity, I think.  But the best kind.

Countless trips to Cafe du Monde in the cooler weather.  Well, cooler than it is when we're usually there in April, but downright tropical compared to Toronto in December.  Is there anything better than coffee with chicory?  Is there any other place on the planet where people walk around covered in powdered sugar, looking as though they've been baking in a commercial kitchen for hours?  I love how much the Robeau loves it at Cafe du Monde too.  It's fun to see him really relax and enjoy himself.

One morning over breakfast at IHOP Lenny got her first crayon.  Does she not look like an old pro already?

All the storefronts in the French Quarter were so festive and beautiful.

General Russel Honore led the carol singing in Jackson Square with Jingle Bells. And damn, can the man sing.

Stopped for a cocktail at Parade, my favourite gay bar in the Quarter. Struck up a convo with Duane and Lenny (yes, Lenny!) who, when they learned I was from Toronto wanted to talk about a TV show that's shot here called 1 Girl 5 Gays. When I told them my friend Yerxa was on that show they properly flipped out. Who knew he was a celeb? That little encounter pretty much made all of our days, I think.

Best. Santa. Ever.

Meeting Sasha the cat who makes her home at The Court of the Two Sisters, where we enjoyed a beautiful jazz brunch, on a Monday.  Only in New Orleans.  Lenny meowed at her and we revelled in her genius...

...then she mooed at a horse or a donkey or whatever that is pulling that carriage...soooo...I guess we shouldn't get too amped about the genius thing.

Lenny got to hang with Louis...

...and we all spent a couple of tranquil hours at Congo Square which was really, really special.

Two big lesson I learned on this trip: Packing light is totally worth it and it was wonderful to vacation and then come home and be thrust into the Christmas hullaballoo.  Lenny remains a marvel. A delight and a joy to travel with. I can't wait to take our next adventure!

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