Confession: I'm too cool to Scrapbook.


Thank you to LiveOn for this sponsored opportunity to blog about storing and sharing my most important memories with those closest to me. Although story ideas were provided, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Every parent has that one thing in their arsenal that can calm, amuse or distract their child. That one trick up their sleeve that can get you out of a tight spot. A cookie, a song or a favourite toy. Ours? Showing Lenny pictures and videos of herself on our phones or laptops. (Speaking of laptops, I'm typing this on The Robeau's because mine had a run in with a toddler and my first cup of coffee yesterday morning. Lenny: 1, Macbook: 0).

Anyway, it works. It always works. Like a charm.  She also loves the photo gallery that I've got on the wall in our little hallway of old family photos and new ones (in black and white). She points at them and identifies the people she knows.  The thing is, she doesn't know most of them.  And some of their stories are so many generations away, I'm worried she won't ever know them.

Lenny enjoying the wall of family portraits with her Uncle Garry and Cousin Janet, at her first birthday party.
Needless to say, the joy she takes in seeing these pictures is pretty heartwarming and makes me want to do everything I can to preserve those memories for her in an organized and meaningful way.  So much so that I once flirted with the idea of taking up scrapbooking.  When I confessed this to a couple of girlfriends over coffee one morning I was roundly chastised.  Which I totally deserved.  I even may have deserved the snarky emails sent my way about sales on glitter and photo paper (coughGAILPACKWOODcough!) because my friends knew and I knew that scrapbooking is not for me.  We are not scrapbooking people.  It was never going to happen.  And if it did?  Certain disaster.  And then the shame.  Oh, the scrapbooking shame.

That's why I was so intrigued when I was asked to review this brand new website LiveOn which promises to basically supply you with everything you need to make that scrapbook you're never going to make online.  That?  That I can handle.

When I first started tooling around on the site I was unsure. Slideshows? I can make those on a dozen different platforms. Voiceovers? No biggie, I can do that on iMovie. I wasn't sold.  What truly got me on board with LiveOn was two things. First, their promise that they will preserve your memories forever.  In their words:
We promise to keep your memories forever. Not 100 years, not 500 years, but forever. We have an intricate backup system of servers that will act as your personal vault, ensuring your stories are here for all future generations to enjoy. This promise of memory preservation is the number one focus of our company and we will do everything in our power to keep this promise to you.
One less thing to worry about grabbing when you're having that nightmare about your house burning down can't be a bad thing, can it?  Just me?  Never mind.

The other thing LiveOn is offering that I just love is the "Life Question" feature.  Imagine if you could go back in time as your great-grandmother her favourite song?  Or ask your dad what his favourite grade in school was?  If you truly take the time to answer a bunch of these questions you could practically come up with a memoir. Without the pressure of having to decide to what to write about.  Who doesn't like that?

I'm happy to offer my readers an opportunity to try LiveOn Rewind, a service that converts your old photos to digital. Just use code cgc34 when you sign up. It's a wonderful idea for the holidays. I hope you can check it out.  Let me know if you do, I'd love to know your experiences with the service.

Thank you again to LiveOn for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about storing and sharing your most special memories. I was selected for this sponsorship by Clever Girls Collective.

All opinions expressed here are my own

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