12 Things I Love About Autumn.


Going for a long walk in the sunshine and crisp air.

Curling up with a book and a big mug of coffee on a rainy day.

Chunky scarves.


Dark Nail Polish.

Watching the leaves change colour in the Don Valley from the window of the subway every morning.

Roasted root vegetables.

Apple Crisp.

New TV shows.

Flirting with the old vets selling poppies on the street corner.

Dinner parties.

Making plans for the holidays.


  1. There aren't as many old vets as there used to be. It makes me sad to put money in a poppy box at a store and not have some silver haired gentleman with a wink in his eye pin on the poppy.

  2. I know. I hold out until I can find one. Takes longer and longer these days : (

  3. I like seeing the fallen leaves everywhere, I've picked up quite a few over the years. I also enjoy hot chocolate with melted chocolate chips and cinnamon. That is the bomb-diggity!


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