Miss Tracey Nolan 2.0


I just sat on my couch and watched Kris Jenner get her face lifted on television.  Gruesome, totally gruesome.  You know what was a much less painful process, but with equally glamourous results?  Having my blog redesigned by the wonderful New Jersey based illustrator and designer Kate Gabrielle.  Now, I think Miss Tracey Nolan looks refreshed, well rested and ready to walk Kim down the aisle.


Seriously.  I should not be allowed to watch E! on a Friday night.  I can literally feel my brain cells dying.

The sad truth?  Feeling your brain cells die is super relaxing.

I hope you like the new fresh look around here.  I had lots of suggestions for Kate about what I wanted and she ran with each of my ideas and made them look even better in reality than they did in my imagination.  The new look around here really reflects where I feel like I am in my life right now.  Kris Jenner would call that "my brand".  Let's not be so gauche about it though, OK?

You'll see a lot of familiar content here like stories about our days with Lenny, recipes, photos and jazz talk.  In addition to that you'll see more coverage of Social Media, which I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for sticking with me and my corner of the internet for the past eight years, you guys.  It's been a wild ride and I think the best is yet to come.

If you are interested in working with Kate, check out her Etsy Shop, Slightly Terrific.  You'll be glad you did!


  1. Very nice. Congratulations to you, and to the amazing Kate.

    I've been in talks with a local artist about doing a new profile picture for Caftan Woman. Reckon the pink manual typewriter as my "brand".

    Really? You watch E! on Friday night. Tom Selleck is on and you're watching elective surgery?

    Looking forward to many more years of the Adventures of Tracey.

  2. The new design is amazing! I'm especially fond of illustrated Tracey on the masthead.

    We all need a little brain cell death, that's why I've become addicted to Heart of Dixie and Drop Dead Diva.

    Does it bother anyone else that everything the Kardashians create has to start with a K? Because it bothers me deeply


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