Turning One: Part Three


You knew when I said that I'd be back tomorrow with more pictures from Lenny's birthday party I actually meant four days, right?  Le sigh.  Being back to work has been wonderful, but it really has cut down on my ability to keep up with things like blogging in a timely manner, returning emails...ever...and various other things that make me, I'm sure, a rather frustrating person to deal with.  Mea culpe.  Thirty lashes with wet noodle.  When I get home from work all I really want to do is hang out with Lenny.  Can you blame me?

So, to sum up the birthday party, which was a week ago now (!) I'll just say that it's the friends that make a party great.  Hell, it's the friends (new and old) that make life great.  We are blessed beyond measure in that department.  Lucky, lucky us.  Thanks for the photos Aunt Mo!

Year two...here we come!

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