So far, so good.


I've been back to work for three whole days now and I have to say, the thing that has surprised me most is how seamless the transition has felt.  I've enjoyed seeing all of my friends and co-workers again and I'm loving tackling my new job.  On that front, I wanted to encourage you to "like" Mirvish Productions on Facebook and ask you to follow us on Twitter.  Now that I've done that bit of pandering I should let you know that I won't be talking about work too much here for two reasons.  For one thing, I actually like what I do and who I do it with so that makes for some pretty boring blog content (natch) and two, I would live in constant fear of getting dooced.

I'm a little bummed out that all the thought and prep work I put into menu planning for our dinners and my lunches the next day has resulted in me doing nothing.  I haven't cooked since the weekend.  I really do need to get on the right track with that stuff.  Once I get my ass in gear I will share my successes and failures here.  If I can manage to find the energy to do anything but sit slack jawed in front of the television this evening I'll be making a Green Bean and Quinoa Salad that will knock your socks off.  I'm not kidding. So good, people.

Also to be filed in the "bumming me out" category is the fact that the morning commute remains truly, truly awful.  The TTC is just the worst.  The only thing keeping me from cutting a bitch is Marc Maron's WTF Podcast.  So far his conversations Patton Oswald and Dave Foley have done a nice job keeping my mind off the B.O., the lack of common courtesy and the fact that at 9am all of Scarborough is already on the subway by the time it gets to my station.

Lenny remains utterly unfazed by my absence and is having a grande old time hanging with The Robeau and her Aunt Wa.  I have her smiling face looking at me from a frame on my desk all day and every evening, there it is to greet me when I get home.  And that's just as lovely as I knew it would be.


  1. (That salad sounds DELICIOUS I can't wait to copy you and make it too!)

  2. Great work life. Great home life. Would make a great sitcom.

    TTC in the middle. A horror story!

  3. Anonymous9:18 PM

    The salad is yummy!! I have had it.

  4. I'm going to have to consider that podcast. I need some laughing right now.


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