Thank you, Mr. Yost.


I can safely say that this, and Elwy Yost were as big a part of my childhood as The Muppets and Dr. Who himself.

If you're over the age of 30 and aren't familiar with Elwy then there is simply no way you grew up in Ontario. The Nolans are all movie buffs and we loved Elwy as if he was a member of the family.

Back in May, my sister, the popular classic movie blogger, Caftan Woman wrote this beautiful tribute to Elwy.  I'm sad to know he's no longer with us.  Thank you for everything, Elwy.

Caftan Woman, her daughter Janet and Elwy back when he was still a fixture on TVO

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  1. Little Miss Tracey, from the confines of her mesh playpen, would push and pull with all her might when the theme to "Magic Shadows" would start to play, maneuvering herself to the front of the television in time to "wave to the monkey".

    My favourite part of the "Elwy" blog was all of the warm-hearted responses.


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