I mean REALLY.


I haven't been sleeping well this week.  Wednesday morning, a bird landed on the roof outside my bedroom window AT 4:30AM and wouldn't stop singing.  Now, I ask you, what kind of B.S. is THAT?  Did I mention this happened at 4:30AM? And that my body went, "hey, guess it's time to get up!"?  It's been all down hill since then.

Also, I haven't been taking my iron supplements the last couple of days because I am, clearly, an idiot. After almost 10 years of being anemic and knowing full well that if I don't take my pills I end up lethargic and grumpy how do I EVER forget to go out and buy a new jar when I run out?  Sometimes I am amazed at my power to do dumb shit.  On a day like this, the notion that I have to be responsible for holding down a job, maintaining a household and securing the actual safety and well being of a HUMAN PERSON WHO HAS BEEN PLACED IN MY CARE is completely hilarious to me.

Moments like these call for a few things:

- A bubble bath (which I cannot justify at this moment)
- A long walk (it's raining)
- A drink (shouldn't I wait till dinner time?)
- A coffee (I've already had 3)
- A laugh.  This one I can do.  Found this via Plus5Mace last week and haven't stopped giggling since.

Sometimes it's the little things.  Sometimes it has to be the little things.

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  1. What is it about this weekend? I am forgetting dumb shit too, like forgetting to look at my shopping list at the store.

    A drink and a bubble bath combo sounds good!


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