Rare Beauty


When Elizabeth Taylor died earlier this week, I found myself online looking through old pictures of her. Naturally, she was one of the most documented women of her time, I mean, has there ever been anyone more beautiful?  Who wouldn't want to take her picture?  There are a number of iconic images of her as a child actress, in character as Cleopatra and those perfume ads from the 80's.  What struck me most though, were the less familiar pictures of her.  I found these so captivating, and I wanted to share some here.  I wish I could credit the photographers appropriately, but as we all know, the internet is a wasteland of great photography that all seemingly shot itself.  If any of you are familiar with the photographer behind any of these lovely images, please share that info in the comments and we'll all learn something!  

Right now though, just enjoy the sublime beauty of the one and only Elizabeth Taylor.

I defy anyone to be this effortless and composed while being descended upon by pigeons.  Ask the Robeau about the time I had a pigeon land on my head. It looked exactly NOTHING like this.


So elegant...

Just a couple of icons hanging out.
Love this simple and clean look.  Lovely to see a picture of her from this era too.
Martha:  I swear, if you existed, I'd divorce you

With Richard Burton at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto (heading to the O'Keefe Centre, I believe).    Note: I found this one on the Toronto Star website, but no photographer was credited.  Isn't it charming though?  It just feels candid, not invasive like so many pap shots do today.

OK.  This one is the best.


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Seriously, the last one is the best. And she is absolutely statuesque. Thanks for sharing. xo RD

  2. I love the candid shots, always my favorite to see someone truly beautiful not giving a damn about how silly they look. I also always gravitate to those shots where the subject isn't looking directly, maybe talking to another person. The fact that ET also had a baudy sense of humor makes me like her even more.

    Methinks you have a bit of the ET yourself.

  3. Unlike so many of the current stars, she was striking, gorgeous as well as talented. Can her Martha really be bested?

  4. Liz was many things, but statuesque she was not. However, she'd probably love being referred to that way. You have a nice eye and I like the selections very much.

    Check out "Caftan Woman". I have tagged you with a "Stylish Blogger Award". A description that fits you to a "T".

  5. Oh my gosh I felt so much when I heard the news on the radio. Thanks for these photos. It's good to know somebody else thinks of her as fondly as I do!

  6. I love the one with her and James Dean. It's just so relaxed.


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