Brave Bernadette


I am SO proud of our Bernie Boo. We took her to the vet today for a check up. She was due for one anyway, but we didn't waste any time because she's been sneezing a lot lately and the other night when she sneezed she sprayed blood all over the very white Mac laptop I'm typing on right now. It was quite the visual, you guys. Like a Pollock. A creepy, scary Pollock.

Bernie is the kind of cat who lets you know if she is uncomfortable or unhappy. Loudly. With gusto. My girl can be a bit of a drama queen. The bloody sneeze didn't faze her in the least which was a relief. That said, you know how discomfoting it can be when you google medical symptoms. So today we packed her up in the carrier, which is her least favourite thing in the world, and took her to the vet, which is pretty much her second least favourite thing in the world. She was so brave (no hissing or trying to run away) and the prognosis is good (the bloody nose is not an indication of anything serious).

AND she's lost 3.5 lbs since her last visit! My kitty is going to be my "losing the baby weight" inspiration.  Don't tell her I mentioned this, but she did pee in the carrier on the way home. Poor baby. Nobody's perfect.


  1. Cats. Babies. Why does everything have to be so messy?

    "Bernie the Cat" is a grand gal.


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