Maybe this is an opportunity...


The internet does not need me to weigh in on this Shirley Sherrod mess. The right and wrong of this situation is so self evident there's nothing I can really add. Except to say this:

1) I do applaud Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper for their coverage of the situation, if you need to get up to speed find their coverage online and watch.

2) These Tea Party / Fox News nuts could not have picked a better target. This woman is fierce and she's not going away.

3) Watch the full video of the original speech here.

4) I hope that we can make this an opportunity instead of just a sad example of what is the most wrong with society today.

Also, I can't wait to hear what Michael Eric Dyson has to say about this. But then, I always want to hear what Michael Eric Dyson has to say.

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