Tony! Tony! Tony!


Hey, theatre geeks, it's Tony night! To celebrate I humbly suggest you pop over to Tracey Nolan Studios and check out my two latest entries featuring photos from an event celebrating Mirvish Productions' upcoming Priscilla Queen of the Desert and publicity stills from Sean Fisher's new Fringe show A Freudian Slip of the Jung.

AND...while we're celebrating great theatre in Toronto and New York, I want to share a video from the magnificent Sharron Matthews of her much talked about debut at Joe's Pub last week. Sharron is one of my favourite subjects to photograph and wonderful lady. I love to see her knocking them dead like this! Check out this video from Joe's Pub to see for yourself!

Meanwhile, I'll be with all the other bitchy theatre queens over at Twitter, live-tweeting the festivities. See you over there, or see you in the theatre!

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  1. I am jealous of your photography. Phew! There, I said it :)


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