Operation: Stop Ward 31 News UPDATE #2


Guess What? I just got my first nasty comment in response to my efforts to bring down LeRoy St. Germaine's hate speech rag Ward 31 News. I'm a TERRORIST! And I HATE children! Check it out:

Tracey, Calling a publication's advertisers because you don't like their opinions is a form of terrorism. Don't laugh. People have a right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You have clients also. Besides, they are a small business like yours'. I also believe that a person that had a 5-year cocaine addiction should not be allowed to adopt. I'm shocked that you apparently think Mr. Smitherman should be allowed to adopt. Children's rights come first, but that's just my opinion. Have fun and proper. Mark

Yeah. "Don't laugh". Thanks, "Mark"!

The best part about this? The absolute BEST part? It was a comment on a post I wrote about BETTY WHITE ON SNL! Hilarious!


  1. "Mark" should re-read the editorial. (Although judging by the similarity in barely-literate prose, he may have written it.) It's clear the author's problem with Smitherman being a adoptive parent is that he's gay, not that he used cocaine in the past. The Seinfeld reference makes it obvious.

  2. Very good point, Jim. Also? The Seinfeld reference saddens me. Seinfeld references should only ever be used for good...not evil.

  3. Anonymous5:53 PM

    The Seinfeld reference?

  4. "Not that there's anything right with that", a play on "not that there's anything wrong with that".

    From Seinfeld:


    From St. Germaine's Editorial:

    "Furious" George (nicknamed for his aggressive and abrasive manner) and his hubby have been approved as adoptive parents by the Toronto Children's Aid Society.....not that there's anything right with that. Obviously, educated citizens do not approve.

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Oh I see you were referring to the original editorial,where as I thought your comments were about the person "Mark". Since it was here under his Mark's comments.

    What I would love to see, if your goal is to blog this issue is more details of the conversations with the advertisers. How did you express your concern to them? What did they say in response? Are some other them also homophobic? What is their excuse for supporting the Ward 31 rag?

    Now magazine, for example, has taken ads from all kinds of businesses and organizations, even ones that seem completely contrary to any stance Now seems to have. (ie. they are green but they run car ads, they are pro peace but run army recruitment ads).

    Help us boycott the homophobic businesses by letting us know why they are not pulling their ads.

  6. Anonymous, you got it! Thank you for the great idea. I will put up a complete post when I've had more detailed conversations with the advertisers, but for now I will say that the four who have pulled their ads simply had no idea what the editorial content of Ward 31 News was. They thought, like I did when I first picked it up, that it was just a harmless community newspaper. As soon as they were made aware of the content they pulled their ads. More to come...

  7. There's nothing wrong with telling an advertiser that if they support "Product X" through advertising that you will cease to use their product or service in return. That's just part of voting with your wallet.

    That said, I've known Tracey for a long time and I've always felt she was a child-hating terrorist even before those things were cool. I also think she has Asberger's and suffers from uncontrollable bouts of kleptomania.

  8. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I wanna have fun and proper too.
    Good on ya Tracey.


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