Is It Safe?


So I know I got a little ranty in the last baby related post about mean-spirited, negative people who should keep their mouths shut around the knocked up. And as much as I detest the choruses of "just you wait" and "you think that's bad" there's another extreme that is, if not equally annoying, its own special kind of irritant.

I looked tired yesterday, apparently. This according to two co-workers, a TTC ticket taker and the waiter at the restaurant I had lunch in. Thanks for the honesty guys! The thing is, I did look tired. Cause I was tired! I've been busy, I hadn't slept well and I'm hosting a yeah, I was tired. This is when I started hearing some pretty crazy things from some well meaning people. Things like "When you're pregnant your body is doing the equivalent of running a marathon EVERY day!"

As much as I would like to believe that, I'm sorry, but I call bullshit. Running a marathon? Do these people know how hard it is to run a marathon? I mean the sentiment is sweet but how do you even quantify something like that? Furthermore, I feel like that's really kind of marathon runners.

But who knows? Maybe someday I'll train and run an actual marathon and then I'll be able to say to myself, "They were right! This was JUST like that one Thursday when I was in my sixth month. Pass the champagne and cookies!" Because if I ever did run a marathon following it with champagne and cookies would be, I'm quite sure, mandatory.


  1. Looks like Sir Larry could use some champagne and cookies. Actually, champagne and cookies for everyone!

  2. May I share my personal imagery?

    I couldn't help but picture my body as a factory. Not a "Modern Times" nuts and bolts factory, but more along the lines of the Keebler elves in the tree making cookies factory. The Keebler elves were working around the clock on the baby (cookies). The five o'clock whistle never blew and my body couldn't figure out when to rest. Hence, the "you look tired" syndrome.

    My mind tends toward cookies, not toward running or moving fast in any way.

  3. *shudder*

    Oh God, the dentist from Marathon Man...



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