Because sometimes all you can do is emit nervous laughter.

Just now, my wonderful friend, who I share an office with reluctantly started an online bridal registry. She is getting married exactly one week before my due date. Boy, do I hope Art Vandelay hangs in there so I can go celebrate her and her wonderful fella! Anyway, she's been reluctant to get started on the registry and I've been goading her on. When she logged on they pointed out to her that her wedding is a mere 93 days away! Double digits people! We giggled nervously. Then we realized...93 days for her means exactly 100 days for me.

In other news, my productivity level is getting lower and lower as my to do list gets longer and longer. It's totally demoralizing. I've decided I'm going to start adding "Grow Human" to the top of my to do list everyday, so that I can cross at least one thing off.

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  1. I laughed out loud! And watched several other "dramatic" videos. Thanks, Tracey :)


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