Out of the closets...into the streets!


Good grief. So much to catch up on and while I very much look forward to getting to that in the coming weeks I think there's something you should know. Bloggy McBloggerson, are you sitting down?

Meet Art Vandelay*. Well, Art Vandelay until August when we're forced to come up with a real name.

I don't want to blame an innocent fetus for my lack of blogging lately so let's just say that now that I've entered the second trimester and I'm no longer sleeping twenty hours a day I might just find the time to string a few sentences together. In fact, Caftan Woman (who slays me), upon hearing the news last week wondered if maybe, just maybe, this was something the Robeau and I cooked up just to give me something to write about. You know, like those sitcoms that run out of story line ideas. An intriguing theory, don't you think?

In all seriousness, The Robeau and I are very, very happy to have jumped the shark and I can't wait to share this exciting next step in my life with you.

*Serious bonus points if you get the Art Vandelay reference, friends.


  1. That is absolutely the best picture of that sort I have ever seen. The first of many - way too many - if I know this family.

  2. 1. Congratulations
    2. Art Vandelay is, in reality, George Castanza from Seinfeld.

    Now I must sleep.

  3. I know who Art Vandelay is!! Yayyy!! Congratulations all over the place... I am so happy for you!! :)

  4. HEEEEEY! You're making a baby, Internet friend!

    I think you're really going to love having a little one around. Here's to a luxurious, lazy pregnancy, and a baby who will clearly be a genius who sleeps through the night almost immediately. Good things for you.

  5. Yay of yays, Tracey! I think citygirl would be the perfect name...even if you birth a boy :)


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