Keeping Myself Busy.


If all goes according to plan, by the end of this week, we will have the keys to our new house. This "30-day close" thing is pretty intense. The Robeau has spent many of those days juggling money around, interviewing contractors and meeting with electricians. I haven't really been involved since the night we put the bid on the place and I signed my name on the papers. For one thing, his schedule is way more flexible than mine and for another, what the hell am I going to say to an electrician? "You make the lights go? And the house won't go boom? YOU'RE HIRED!" So yeah, I've packed a few boxes but not too many since we are keeping the apartment until the end of September and we still need to be able to function for the next 6 weeks. This leaves me with exactly two things to do. Obsessively flip through home decor magazines and daydream about the new couch I'm going to buy just as soon as I'm sure that it won't be covered in paint or drywall.

As mentioned in the previous ranty post, I'm a woman of ample size and my legs are so long it's just a little bit ridiculous. You know that old film noir line about "only the floor kept her legs going on forever". That's me. My legs actually do go on forever. I've got lengthy gams, stretched pins, stems that do indeed need to be seen to be believed. And for 'lo the last five years I've been planting them on a cute little Ikea 2-seater Cube Couch. It's modern and sleek and it looks nice in our current living room. In fact it's the only couch I could picture working in there. That said, my legs just don't fit. I have to bend like a Cirque du Soleil performer in order to get my legs up on it. If I want to take a nap on the couch I pretty much have to fold myself in half. I'm ready for something more. I want a relationship with my couch that is cozy. Ladies and Germs, meet what will someday soon be my new couch:

Sure, he's not much to look at, at first, but when you realize how deep the seats are and how the cushions are stuffed but not overstuffed and that the slip cover is made of corduroy you're going to fall in love with him a little bit too.


  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Tracey, I HEAR YOU. I'm only 5'8", so I'm sure your gorgeous legs are much longer than mine, but I'm still absurdly long-limbed (not in a sexy way, though, more in a gangly, holy-shit-what-are-you-a-spider kind of way). We used to cram ourselves onto an Ikea two-seater and let me just say, the day we threw that bad boy out was one of my better ones.

    Now we have a lovely, deep, black leather couch that has ample sleeping space (it's like a single bed!) and is up high enough that when I sit on it, I do not look like a discarded marionette.

    CONGRATS on the new place and on the imminent arrival of the newest member of your family -- a proper couch!

  2. Okay. So you - a woman with three "count 'em" three cats thinks she is going to have a personal relationship with that couch?

  3. I like your couch. But have you checked out The Brick or Leons, their couches usually come with friends. A chair, ottoman or love seat.

  4. I do not wish that "30-day close" thing on anyone too many times... It is a pain in the arse!

    I would like to just SINK into that couch... it must be love!


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