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Are you as excited by those plastic "splash guards" that Starbucks introduced this year as I am? Isn't it a thrill to walk down the street with a full cup of joe and not have it splash all over you? Reading that sentence just now, I can see that it might seem like I'm being sarcastic, but I assure you, I mean it! They introduced them in the States before Canada and the first place I saw them was in Buffalo. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why they thought I would need a swizzle stick half the size of my cup, but once the Barista showed me that it was meant to plug up the lid to prevent spillage...well...I was impressed. They are encouraging customers, at my local Starbucks anyway, to keep them, wash them and reuse them. Which makes both good environmental and public relations sense.

My thought is this: why isn't some clever artisan making designer "splash guards" made out of stainless steel with pretty beaded ornaments on top? Perhaps a themed splash guard? A tiny golf ball for your Dad and shoe for your girlfriend? They could come in their own little case, like a nail file and you could carry them in your pocket or your purse. It would be like a charm bracelet for your coffee...only useful...and environmentally sound...and creative! Come on artisans! Steal this idea!


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Spot Coffee in Buffalo has an even better contraption for stopping leaks. It is little cover that slids over the hole to cover it and then slides open for drinking. Less plastic then those swizzle sticks.

  2. I discovered those thingies when HUBS and I went to a little local coffee shop back in March. So cool! I tried to keep mine but it was just too small to keep track of.

    You should make and market those designer splash guards! I don't think anyone else will get as excited about them as you, Tracey!


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