Imitate, assimilate, and innovate. — Clark Terry


This is the most recent version of my Jazz Photography Portfolio. Here, for posterity (if you read this blog regularly chances are you've seen most of these already). If you want to take two minutes to take a look, I hope you enjoy. However I must insist that you put a nice disc on and pour yourself a glass of whatever you enjoy most first. I'll wait.


  1. Crap, that looks cool! The slideshow is a really nice effect. Is it ok that I drank Kool-Aid while watching it?

    p.s. I'm got some photo news of my own I'll be talking about tomorrow:)

  2. Those are wonderful!! I love the one of Dave Brubeck -- & Roxanne Potvin, I love the black-&-white. You are so good!!

    (Oops I was drinking green tea. Guess that is not very jazzy!)

  3. Background: Orange-Tangerine juice over ice, Joe Bushkin.

    Question: If you take my picture will I look cool or do I have to be cool for you to take my picture?


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