This is not an April Fool's Joke.


NOTE - Almost two months later....

This apparently was an April Fool's joke. I couldn't take the pressure. Project 365 is DEAD!

One of my favourite places on the intornets is Flickr. I could spend all my free time on there uploading pictures, looking at other people's pictures and getting involved in theme driven shooting challenges. It's fun, it's accessible and it has, without a doubt made me a better photographer.

One of the most popular destinations on Flickr is the Project 365 Group. Which is exactly what it sounds like..a place where members submit one self portrait each day for a year. Being truly insane, I've signed on for this project. You can check out my photos, EVERY DAY at Project 365 or "How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the narcissist".

I imagine this exercise is going to be one part infuriating, one part informative. I guess we'll know by April of 2010. My hope is that by forcing myself to explore the limitations of self portraiture, I will become more creative in my shooting of portraits of other people. The reality will probably involve some form of a breakdown, but, as per usual, I haven't got anyone to blame but myself.

Wish me luck?


  1. Okay. You have to take the pictures, but does that mean you have to look at them?

  2. LUCK! I remember when I first discovered flickr back in 2004. I would get caught up in it at work and even stay up until 4am looking at all the goodies. I'm not so obsessed now, but still love it.

  3. Did you get the email that I sent you the other day? It was a photo of my daughter that reminded me of you.


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