Derek Weiler 1968 - 2009


A couple of years ago, The Robeau's brother Mister Jep invited his friends, neighbours and strangers on the street to take Sharpie in hand and write farewell messages on his about to be junked car, Simon. Naturally, a lot of it was pure gold and Jep has the pictures to prove it. His friend Derek's message was heartfelt and simple.

"Farewell Simon, I didn't know you well, but you seemed like a good guy. DW"

This is sort of how I felt last night when we returned home from New Orleans to the news that Derek, just 40 years old, had died suddenly. It would be clear to anyone who met him, even briefly, that Derek was a good and true friend. I had the pleasure of his company here and there, mostly at several parties over the years with Jep and his partner Marjan (who were both dear friends of Derek's) and enjoyed talking with him about the things we shared a passionate interest in, namely baseball and David Simon helmed television. He was smart, funny and it seemed to me, a little dark, in a wonderfully quiet way.

Celebrating Marjan's Graduation.

What I'm learning now, as the tributes pour in at places like The CBC , The Globe and Mail and literary blogs all over the web is how accomplished and respected Derek was as a journalist and co-worker.

Derek Weiler 1968 - 2009

This tall, unassuming, smart, funny guy who will be missed by so many friends and his loving family, especially I'm sure his wife Sari, left a mark on all who knew him. Our encounters, whether at a comedy show, a birthday party or just on the Queen Streetcar are evidence of that. Derek, we hardly knew ye, and that seems a great, great shame.


  1. The loss of someone so beloved and with so much yet to give is a tragedy. My condolences to family and friends.

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Nice piece, T.

  3. so sad, i'm so sorry for all his friends and family... so nice of you to write a beautiful memory of your friend. such bad news on your return home!

  4. God, that's so sad. I'm sorry to hear it...


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