Hey, Internet, what's up with my cat?


Bernie Boo, trying to get some shut-eye.

Every morning this week, Bernie has woken us up before the alarm clock with a series of prolonged meows. She just stands there, talking, until she gets what she wants. Which is not food as it turns out. Or water. Or anything litterbox related. The cat is waking us up for the sheer pleasure of our company. Hard to believe, I know. This morning she led us out to the sofa, hopped up and was only happy once I sat down next to her. Really? Really Bernie Boo? Four mornings in a row? Until now, I wasn't even so sure this feline liked me.

The Robeau is under strict instructions to stand next her and talk loudly every single time she even looks like she's going to fall asleep. Cause we're mature like that.


  1. OH MY GOD how cute is that!! Guapo does the same thing... he just talks till he gets attention or just some simple company... Awwww!

  2. When we first got back from the honeymoon Tux was obnoxious with the love. I was trying to sleep that first night and he jumped up on my pillow and started some very aggressive nuzzling. He did this at 4am, 6am and again around 11 am. Tux is a total nut!


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