The Countdown is ON!


There is a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in my fridge that has been chilling for six months waiting for what I think is going to happen tonight. Please let it happen. My thirst, it needs quenching.


  1. Pittsburgh won in triple overtime, so Detroit won't capture the Stanley Cup until tomorrow...oh, you're talking about something else! (Saving the ticker tape until November?)

  2. LOL! No, no, don't save the ticker tape till November, this is like the pennant. It's almost a bigger win, in some ways.

  3. Now if my and Obama's state could just get rid of this yayhoo we have in the governor's office, we'll really look like we understand good politics!!

    Tell me, what do you think about the possibility of Hillary as vp? I'm not so sure I like it...

  4. Pop that cork, miss tracey nolan! Tonight is the night,
    God Bless America.


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